Case Study

White Labeling FlowChat Helped 4x Sales!
$25K/mo to $100K/mo in 4 months

Cody Cottle

Founder & CEO of Content Daily

"With White Labeling FlowChat I was able to finally break past $100k in sales in one month""

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FlowChat Pipeline
Cody Cottle

Cody Cottle

FlowChat Case Study

Executive Summary:

If overwhelm comes flooding into your business all too often, then Cody Cottle’s breakthrough will inspire you.

He started as a one man show with a vision. Like any new endeavor there was a lack of time, money, talent, skills and resources.

But he had desire and a purpose.

Cody kept showing up. Kept putting himself around the right people. Kept building what his business required of him. Kept pushing forward even when he didn’t feel like it.

As his team grew and his systems improved, he broke through to having his first 6 figure month in sales!!

Can you recall your first 6 figure month? How awesome it was? Or maybe you are in a spot where you are wanting to experience how freeing it is.

Either way, right now you get to learn what was holding Cody back and what was one of the catalysts to propel him forward!

Enter FlowChat

Cody is a master of turning likes into leads, and content into cash!

At ContentDaily.io, Cody is leveraging today’s most cutting edge strategies and technology to produce the most viral content.

After installing FlowChat into his business, he finally had a way to convert the manual time sucking work into an automated workflow!

Saving over 15 hours per week and selling way more!

Who Is Cody?
And What Does He Do?

Name: Cody Cottle

Company Name: Content Daily

Size of Team before FlowChat: 4

Size of Team after FlowChat: 7

Industries Served: Service based small business owners

Super Powers: Building complete leadflow system with AI incorporated to take prospects from cold to sold

Company Revenue Before FlowChat: $300,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat: $1,200,000 / Year

What His Clients Say About Him:

"I was nervous to start the pipeline automation but people are responding and flowing through the pipeline! Feels like a video game lol! This is awesome to start seeing instant results/responses!"
"25 DM's just sent fully automated using Al in 17 mins!! Fantastic! Thanks!!"

The Problem

Cody’s business was ready to scale but his systems were not. What got him to $25k per month was not going to get him to $100k per month!

It was really frustrating for him because he knew he had what it took. On top of that he was seeing other entrepreneurs around him do 6 figure months, but it wasn’t happening for him.

He needed to make a change.

His main method of acquisition?

The 2-step post strategy…

First Cody would be posting simple and relevant content for his audience to get value from.

Now, with FlowChat, in just one click he could automatically import all the prospects that were liking and commenting on his content.

80% of sales come from 13 or more touch points.

A touch point is simply one contact effort with a prospect.

Since the fortune is in the follow up, getting at least 13 touch points in your sales process is necessary to collect the majority of your sales.

The Solution

FlowChat allowed Cody to add the additional touch points his sales process needed and automate them.

He went from inconsistently contacting a small number of prospects that were engaging with his content, to following up with all of them like clock work. Plus! It was even easier to do!!

How did this transformation happen?

Cody leveraged the import and automation features within FlowChat.

The aim?

Swiftly contact more of the prospects that were engaging with his content.

Sidenote: He also was able to replicate this same pattern by importing ideal prospects that were engaging with other influencers in his space. Yes! That’s right. With FlowChat you can also import Ideal Prospects that are liking and commenting on other influencer’s content.

The simple yet powerful '1-click' import feature of FlowChat was a revelation for Cody. No longer did he have to manually scour for engagers; a single click and voila, all engagers were within his grasp. This feature alone saved him around 15 precious hours each week.

But FlowChat had more to offer.

There are 13 social media platforms that FlowChat works with.

Also, you can use multiple social media profiles!

Cody was now ready to start replicating what was working on the other social media platforms to scale.

The Results

Company Revenue Before FlowChat:
$300,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat:
$1,200,000 / Year

Method of Acquisition: Create a Post > Import Post & Engagers into FlowChat > DMs > Call > Sale

Now his viral content has been optimized. The results are a significant boost in revenue for Cody (and his clients who invest in his White Label solution) AND waaay more time off for Cody to pursue his true passions and what he built his business for in the beginning.

400% increase in revenue
100% boost in client results who use his white labeled system
Eliminated needless frustration
Saved countless hours of work so he can enjoy the “good life” and serve others

The Future

So what’s next for Cody?

Hyper growth for his business and his clients!

Cody is an esteemed member of FlowChat and part of our 6-figure club. We are continuing to work together to get him into our 7-figure club in the next 1-2 years.

So proud of Cody and looking forward to a long future as partners on his journey.


Perhaps you can connect with Cody’s story.
Perhaps you are in a similar space with your business.
Perhaps you are just doing research to see if FlowChat is really for you.

Whatever the case, know that we are here…
…and ready to support you.

As you can see, Cody is a mega success story.
We have dozen’s more.

And while you’ve read through this case study I have to ask…

What's next for you?

I would say you have 2 options:


You can do nothing.

However, you're not gonna forget about this case story, and it'll probably keep you up at night.

OPTION 2 FlowChat

Start your winning journey as our newest FlowChat Connector.

If you already know the software is for you and you want to get started, grab your membership right now.

Connect With Cody:

Cody Cottle

We believe in Cody.
We believe in what he does.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napolean Hill

Cody’s fav quote

If you’re wanting to learn more about his services, Here’s the best way to reach him:

cody@contentdaily.io | Tel:(269) 650-0820

Disclaimer: While these are real clients reporting real impact, their results are not typical. We cannot guarantee your own results will be similar in any way. We're proud of our clients' exceptional success, but we emphasize that business outcomes vary based on many factors. Our software, trainings and strategies do not ensure demand for your product or service, nor replace the effort and action necessary for growth.

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