Use Cases

Our typical clients are...

Marketing Agencies

Our proven sales systems are trusted by performance driven agencies that need consistent and reliable revenue for their business and clients.

Coaches / Consultants

Our results are tracked with daily KPIs. When you do the real work it removes all the guess work. Finding the sales systems that best fits your needs is key.

Sales Team Leaders

Our outbound strategies provide the highest quality leads for the least amount to acquire them. With our new automations, you can now fill your pipelines with ease.

Sales Roles & Responsibilities

Find the right sales systems for your needs. Based on roles and responsibilities, here are some of the different ways people are using FlowChat.


Quickly access fresh leads each day and know exactly what to say for each step of the sales process.

Sales Managers

Track activities of your entire team with one dashboard showing only your essential revenue generating KPIs.

Business Operations

Automate the crucial revenue generating activities that drive growth so they happen consistenly everyday.

Virtual Assistants

With only a few clicks you can complete your tasks and show the high quality of work you do each day.

Content Managers

Convert those likes and comments into leads and sales with our automations to supercharge your systems.

Lead List Builders

Import high quality leads on 13 social media platforms whenever you want with only a click.

Disclaimer: While these are real clients reporting real impact, their results are not typical. We cannot guarantee your own results will be similar in any way. We're proud of our clients' exceptional success, but we emphasize that business outcomes vary based on many factors. Our software, trainings and strategies do not ensure demand for your product or service, nor replace the effort and action necessary for growth.

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