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$40K/mo to $200K/mo in 74 Days!

Fabi Paolini

Brand Strategy & Online Business Coach For Coaches And Experts

FlowChat helped me prevent my prospects from slipping through the cracks!"

“Fortune is in the follow up and being able to manage 100s of chats in a personalized way is a game-changer!"

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Fabi Paolini

FlowChat Case Study

Fabi Paolini

Executive Summary:

Are you running an agency, or a coaching business and getting stuck?

Maybe you're like Fabi was before she started using FlowChat and plugging into the FlowChat Connector community.

Fabi is a hard working Venezuelan who launched her coaching business in the USA at the end of 2015.

She rapidly built her business to multiple 6-figures from a simple "work-hard" mentality...

...And then she got stuck.

After quickly scaling to a consistent $15,000 per month in revenue (occasionally hitting the $20,000/mo mark) she hit her "glass ceiling".

Her clients continued to get big results and rave about her services, but Fabi found herself deeply frustrated and wanting more.

🤔She wanted more for herself.
She wanted more for her family.
She wanted more for her clients.

The frustration intensified for Fabi, after making attempts in using alternative methods of client acquisition. Each time, she would find a value-based misalignment with each of them.

But with her massive desire to help more people and make more impact she continued searching for a different way to "shatter" her glass ceiling.

Enter FlowChat

After learning how to operate the software in her first session, she setup the system, and within 75 days, had her first $200,000 month!

The method she was already using was perfect - Facebook Paid Ads to Facebook Group to Chat to Sale.

She just needed to do more of it.

Now she is building a team to scale because she figured out how to serve more people and get more results.

Who Is Fabi?
And What Does She Do?

Name: Fabiola Paolini

Company Name: FabiPaolini | Brand Strategy

Size of Team: 3

Industries Served: Coaches & Consultants

Super Powers: Brand Strategy, Premium Brand Design, Coaching & Accountability

Company Revenue Before FlowChat: $200,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat: $2,400,000 / Year

What Her Clients Say About Her:

"Working with Fabi has been the absolute best investment I have made in my business"

"Since working with Fabi, I've increased my price by 30%, gotten close to 50% conversion on sales calls, and made over $100k/month"

"I've doubled my monthly income and have made more than 6 figures in 10 months"

"I've maxed out the amount of money I thought I could make, in about a week.."

"Fabi is more than I have ever expected. I think the world of Fabi and she's wonderful. She's real and incredible."

"Working with Fabi has been a game changer. I'm enrolling my perfect clients weekly."

"I love working with Fabi and I feel like a I fully stepped into my identity as a coach and THIS is who I am."

The Problem

Fabi was consistently hitting her glass ceiling around $15,000/mo and occasionally getting to $20,000/mo in sales revenue.

Her main method of acquisition?

Using Paid Advertising on Facebook to get new people to join her Facebook group and then relying on messenger chat to connect, build relationships and close deals.

This is where we found the efficiency in her system.

She was relying on the unread message notifications from Facebook and was using a Google sheet to keep track of her conversations.

In the process she was losing millions of dollars in revenues and worse she was missing the opportunity to serve those that needed her help to transform their own businesses...

...just slipping through the cracks of her messenger inbox.

Beyond the loss of revenue, Fabi was feeling dejected and extremely frustrated because she didn't understand what was missing from her systems.

The Solution

After a short conversation with the FlowChat team, she was able to identify the exact thing she needed to fix.

It wasn't the method of acquisition that she was using.

This is a very common method and works wonderfully well when you remember to do one thing...

The method?

Paid Advertising on Facebook to get new people to join her Facebook group and then relying on messenger chat to connect, build relationships and close deals.

The one thing you MUST do?

Have a systematic way to manage messenger that does not overwhelm you AND doesn't let any of your conversations slip through the cracks.

So here's EXACTLY what we did to help Fabi fix this.

Since her group was already growing, the lowest hanging fruit was to use FlowChat's import feature to bring ALL of her group members into her account and start connecting with them directly in chat.

This took less than 5 minutes.

Next, we reviewed the messaging she was currently using with her old system to validate that it was inline with the best practices in the industry - it was.

So we took the messaging and set up her custom FB Group Flow Pipeline.

We were able to accomplish on the first day.

Once all the messaging was setup correctly, Fabi started running the system, managing EVERY conversation, and booking more calls for herself.

No more of them slipped through the cracks.

At that point, Fabi had 100% complete control of her prospecting and chat management system - thanks to FlowChat.

Bonus Multiplier...

The next thing we did was even more powerful.

While her group was continuing to grow from her paid advertising, it was clear that not all of the people that liked or commented on her paid ad posts were clicking through to join her group.

So we showed two things...

1. we showed her exactly how to use FlowChat's import feature to collect ALL the people that "Liked" EVERY one of her paid advertising posts.

2. we showed her exactly how to use FlowChat's import feature to collect ALL the people that "Commented" on EVERY one of her paid advertising posts.

Thanks to the intelligence of our system, we easily eliminated ALL duplicate records so no prospects were added more than once.

Then we dropped this group of people into another custom pipeline focused on connecting with them authentically, and then directly inviting them to join our group.

Fabi accomplished her entire buildout using FlowChat in her first week.

Then she dedicated herself to using the system daily.

And YES... she found massive results doing things this way but there was another transformation that happened in which she wasn't expecting.

The amount of time she was doing her prospecting decreased from the 3-4 hours per day she was doing it to now 1 hour per day.

This was an immediate 15 hours per week that she could re-invest into getting her clients even better results than she was already getting them.

The Results

Company Revenue Before FlowChat:
$200,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat:
$2,400,000 / Year

Method of Acquisition: FB Paid Ads > FB Group > DMs > Call > Sale This never changed. FlowChat just amplified and accelerated what was already working for her by maximizing efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the process after her paid ads.

12X increase in revenue.
15 hours per week gained.
Eliminated ALL of the frustration.
Eliminated ALL of the overwhelm.

The Future

So what's next for Fabi?

Now that she has a fully optimized and winning system she has a couple of options.

First option is for her to hold this position.

She can simply continue running her business with ultra efficiency and continue CRUSHING multiple 7 figures.

Most never get this far.

It's a MASSIVE achievement.

This is why inside of our FlowChat community we have a 6-figure club, a 7-figure club, and an 8-figure club.


She can build a team & scale to 8 figures+.

It's all dependent on what she wants to do.

Knowing her, I would say that option 2 is more appealing because she has an insatiable hunger to continue helping others create premium brands and growing their businesses.

We're grateful to have Fabi as a FlowChat Connector and pleased to have witnessed the success she created for herself using FlowChat, our community, and our resources.


Perhaps you connect with Fabi's story.
Perhaps you are in a similar place with your business.
Perhaps you are just doing research to see if FlowChat is really for you.

Whatever the case, know that we are here...
...and ready to support you.

As you can see, Fabi is a mega success story.
We have dozens more.

And while you've read through this case study I have to ask...

What's next for you?

I would say you have 2 options:


You can do nothing.

However, you're not gonna forget about this case story, and it'll probably keep you up at night.

OPTION 2 FlowChat

Start your winning journey as our newest FlowChat Connector.

If you already know the software is for you and you want to get started, grab your membership right now.

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Connect With Fabi:

Fabi Paolini

We believe in Fabi.
We believe in what she does.

If you're wanting to learn more about her services, here's the best way to reach her:

Brand Strategy Website


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