Case Study

How White Labeling FlowChat DOUBLED monthly recurring revenue!
$25K/mo to $49K/mo in 4 months

Mike Ciorrocco

Founder & CEO of That 1 Agency

Leveraging FlowChat allowed me to double revenue! Before I suffered from lack of structure in my DMs. FlowChat made it simple and profitable for my team."

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FlowChat Pipeline
Mike Ciorrocco

Mike Ciorrocco

FlowChat Case Study

Executive Summary:

Attn: Podcast Agency Owners

Are you looking for the most powerful ways to distinguish yourself from your competition?

Well Mike’s story might be finding you at the perfect time! He’s been on over 900 podcasts in the last 4 years. It’s completely changed his life! The connections and relationship capital that was built was incredible.


As you know, great connections DOES NOT always translate to revenue.

Mike knew podcasting very well and had something special.!

He was making sales but felt if he had the proper systems to support his growth he could at least double revenue!

Enter FlowChat

Mike was able to quickly turn the tables on his business woes, transforming his agency into a powerhouse by white-labeling FlowChat.

Going from not being able to keep up with DMs, to capitalizing from them. Going from unreliable systems, to his team knowing exactly what to do!

The best part? He started working less.

Yet the important revenue generating activity was still getting done. Like clockwork!

With these reliable systems in place, revenue was now also consistently growing! This freed up Mike to focus more on creating the impact for others he knows he’s capable of.

Seeing his clients being placed on the top 5% ranked podcasts and breaking through was now happening faster and faster!

Who Is Mike?
And What Does He Do?

Name: Mike Ciorrocco

Company Name: That 1 Agency

Size of Team before FlowChat: 3

Size of Team after FlowChat: 5

Industries Served: Entrepreneurs / Speakers

Super Powers: Elevating Others

Company Revenue Before FlowChat: $300,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat: $588,000 / Year

What His Clients Say About Him:

“One of the best podcast agencies in the game. The relationship capital and attention to detail is as good as it gets.”
Josh York
Founder/CEO, Gym Guyz

"The entire team are rockstars. I have a book launch coming up and needed to find some exposure to high-quality podcasts that would extend my reach. Within a few days I was getting booked on high-quality podcasts that aligned with my audience. I'm so happy I chose to work with these guys—you will be too!"
Dan Russell
Founder of VividLabs.com, Author of "Snake Oil", Editor in Chief at GoldpanReport.com

The Problem

Mike was stuck in the mess in messenger. He knew there was so much opportunity slipping through the cracks. The dollars were literally sitting in his inbox but didn’t have the capacity to sit in messenger all day.

On top of that, how was he supposed to train someone else to do it? “I needed a simple system and FlowChat made that possible.”

His main method of acquisition?

Podcasts. Booking guests on his podcast. And getting booked on other high quality podcasts.

Our approach is simple:

Qualify the right leads up front > Send an encouraging initial DM > Book a Connection Call

From there Mike can invite them on his show, get booked on their show or find the best fit for adding value to kick the relationship off right.

The key is spending more time with the right people. The closer in proximity you get the more you win.

Podcasting is a safe space that helps accomplish all of that!

The Solution

Mike’s breakthrough came from new found consistency. The question is simple: Do you have systems doing revenue generating activities for you everyday?

How did this transformation happen?

For Mike getting the team and automations is place was the key that unlocked his new found consistency.

The aim?

Swiftly converting cold prospects into satisfied clients.

The simple yet powerful '1-click' import feature of FlowChat was a revelation for Mike. No longer did he have to manually scour for engagers; a single click and voila, all engagers were within his grasp. This feature alone saved him around 10+ precious hours each week.

But FlowChat had more to offer.

It’s all too common to fall into the trap as a business owner of “doing it yourself”. You and I both know the reality of that path, ha. It equals almost all the balls being dropped and frustration piling up faster than we could ever imagine.

FlowChat made things simple. It’s like having the junk drawer (or room) that you’ve been avoiding for years. But one day you just let FlowChat in and it’s clean in a couple of hours! Not only that, it stays clean consistently everyday! It leaves you wondering why you waited so long, and wishing you had it from the beginning.

Look at it this way.

Imagine being able to talk to 20 highly qualified leads per day. Then 4 or 5 of them reply and about 2 of them book a call to learn more about your services.

FlowChat helps agencies go from this not happening everyday, to installing automations in their business where this DOES happen everyday.

So of course when Mike added these revenue generating activities he started to see more sales coming through.

Business is simply a game of inputs and outputs. When you increase your inputs, you will also get more output!

The Results

Company Revenue Before FlowChat:
$300,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat:
$588,000 / Year

Method of Acquisition: Import Qualified Leads > Outreach > Connection Call > Sale

This method never changed, it’s now been optimized. The results are a significant boost in revenue for Mike (and his clients who invest in his White Label solution) AND waaay more time off for Mike to pursue his true passions and what he built his business for in the beginning.

Doubled monthly recurring revenue in 4 months
100% boost in client results who use his white labeled system
Created more than $49,000 / month of monthly recurring revenue for himself
Eliminated all the frustration
Simplified his systems for his team to run the play!

The Future

So what’s next for Mike?

Hyper growth for his own business.

A stMikeger brand offering for his clients (because of the white labeled FlowChat solution)… and more exotic vacations!

Mike is an esteemed member of FlowChat and part of our 6-figure club. We are continuing to work together to get him into our 7-figure club in the next 1-2 years.

So proud of Mike and looking forward to a long future as partners on his journey.


Perhaps you can connect with Mike’s story.
Perhaps you are in a similar space with your business.
Perhaps you are just doing research to see if FlowChat is really for you.

Whatever the case, know that we are here…
…and ready to support you.

As you can see, Mike is a mega success story.
We have dozen’s more.

And while you’ve read through this case study I have to ask…

What's next for you?

I would say you have 2 options:


You can do nothing.

However, you're not gonna forget about this case story, and it'll probably keep you up at night.

OPTION 2 FlowChat

Start your winning journey as our newest FlowChat Connector.

If you already know the software is for you and you want to get started, grab your membership right now.

Connect With Mike:

Mike Ciorrocco

We believe in Mike.
We believe in what he does.

“Be happy, now, on the journey”

Mike’s fav quote

If you’re wanting to learn more about his services, Here’s the best way to reach him:


mike@peoplebuildinginc.com | Tel:(443) 235-9283

Disclaimer: While these are real clients reporting real impact, their results are not typical. We cannot guarantee your own results will be similar in any way. We're proud of our clients' exceptional success, but we emphasize that business outcomes vary based on many factors. Our software, trainings and strategies do not ensure demand for your product or service, nor replace the effort and action necessary for growth.

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