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How White Labeling FlowChat can more than TRIPLE monthly recurring revenue! $8K/mo to $30K/mo in 7 months…

Ron Medlin

CEO of GroupFuel & The Group Profits Mastermind

FlowChat is the market leader when it comes to social media outreach and White Label has helped me stop the anxiety of having to start at zero every month!!"

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FlowChat Pipeline

Ron Medlin

FlowChat Case Study

Ron Medlin

Executive Summary:

Does running an agency or coaching business leave you feeling like you're chasing your tail?

You're not alone. Just ask Ron Medlin.

Ron is the quintessential entrepreneur, the kind who built his agency brick by brick, client by client. His hard work was undeniable, his commitment unshakeable. Yet, the reward for his perseverance was a seemingly unbreakable revenue ceiling of $8,000 per month.

Like clockwork, every month, the same number stared back at him from the books. He found himself trapped…

Trapped in the unending cycle of trading time for money. Without a sustainable business model, Ron's agency was stagnant. Predictable cash flow, the cornerstone of any thriving business, was a dream that seemed increasingly elusive.

Nights turned into restless marathons of frustration, the ticking clock a constant reminder of his struggle. The mental treadmill was grueling – Ron kept asking himself:

🤔How do I break the cycle?
How do I create a consistent income without selling more hours of my life?

Despite the success he had achieved, Ron was stuck, yearning for a way to create a reliable cash flow that wouldn't consume every waking hour.

As a result, Ron was constantly on the clock, trading hours for dollars, with no foreseeable end in sight.

His hard work seemed to perpetually plateau, and the goal of achieving scalable growth - the kind that doesn't require you to sacrifice every waking moment - felt more like a pipe dream than a feasible reality.

He knew there had to be a better way, a path to predictability and peace of mind. He just hadn't found it yet.

Then FlowChat entered his world and became a game-changer…

Enter FlowChat

Ron was able to quickly turn the tables on his business woes, transforming his agency into a powerhouse by white-labeling FlowChat.

The "stuck at 8k/month" narrative soon faded as he witnessed a whopping 375% increase in his revenue, consistently hitting the $30,000+ mark every month.

The best part? He started working less.

His newfound freedom meant more time for his family and the luxury to whisk off on exotic vacations (He recently got back from Antarctica!).

He sought time for personal joy. He aspired to a better lifestyle while still scaling his business.

But, how did he do it?

Who Is Ron?
What Does He Do?

Name: Ron Medlin

Company Name: GroupFuel

Size of Team before FlowChat: 1

Size of Team after FlowChat: 4

Industries Served: Coach, Consultant, Agency Owner or Course Creator

Super Powers: Crafting Irresistible Offers & Installing Automated Client Acquisition Systems

Company Revenue Before FlowChat: $96,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat: $495,000 / Year

What His Clients Say About Him:

Now Your Business Can Get
All The Leads You'll Ever Need..

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The Problem

Ron was constantly on the clock, trading hours for dollars, with no foreseeable end in sight. His hard work seemed to perpetually plateau, and the goal of achieving scalable growth - the kind that doesn't require you to sacrifice every waking moment - felt more like a pipe dream than a feasible reality. He was stuck at $8,000 / month in business revenue.

His main method of acquisition?
The 2-step post strategy…

Picture Ron's typical day before FlowChat entered the scene: he would craft a compelling post designed to draw interest, affectionately termed a "hand-raiser" post, and blast it out to Facebook Groups and his personal social media profiles. Then, he would wait, anticipating the interactions that would hopefully pour in.

Each engagement was an opportunity, a potential client. Manually, one by one, he would reach out to these engaged individuals via direct messages. He'd invite them to his Facebook group, nurture these relationships, book calls, and eventually close deals. It was a relentless, manual process that felt more like an uphill battle than a streamlined funnel.

Despite the thrill of potential new business, Ron soon realized he was hemorrhaging prospects. It was like trying to catch water with a sieve - there were simply too many conversations to manage effectively. This inefficient system was costing him dearly, to the tune of hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. Prospects were slipping through the cracks faster than he could catch them.

But the financial toll was just the tip of the iceberg. This relentless process left Ron feeling frustrated and disheartened. He was spinning his wheels, trading precious time for what seemed like dwindling returns. He couldn’t help but feel irritated that he hadn't figured out a more efficient method to manage this deluge of potential business, especially when he had a wanderlust itch begging to be scratched.

The Solution

Ron's salvation came wrapped in a chat with the FlowChat team. The conversation was a lightbulb moment for him, as he realized how white labeling the FlowChat software and integrating it with his services could be the game-changer he needed.

How did this transformation happen?
Ron leveraged his existing Facebook Group strategy and supercharged it with FlowChat's innovative pipelines.

The aim?
Swiftly converting cold prospects into satisfied clients.

The simple yet powerful '1-click' import feature of FlowChat was a revelation for Ron. No longer did he have to manually scour for engagers; a single click and voila, all engagers were within his grasp. This feature alone saved him around 10 precious hours each week.

But FlowChat had more to offer.

The Post Import feature allowed Ron to not just track, but truly comprehend the marketplace performance of his posts. With an automatic report set up, he could see at a glance the engagement on each of his 2-step posts. One click would open the post, another would import all new engagers.

Simple, efficient, and effective.

Taking it a step further, Ron could set up KPIs (key performance indicators) to visualize the performance of his FlowChat pipelines. This granular insight gave him the power to tweak his flows in real-time, adapting swiftly to the needs of the market.

As of now, no other software offers this level of hands-on, organic business growth monitoring.

The FlowChat team helped Ron understand two crucial points:

  1. How to use technology to refine his existing practices for smoother, more efficient operations.
  2. How to effectively market his white-labeled version - the GroupFuel Chat system - to his audience, enticing them to invest.

These insights sparked a massive explosion in Ron's business.

He saw a phenomenal growth of over 375% in monthly revenue, and his clients enjoyed a similar surge in their own businesses.

Now, Ron has orderly pipelines that keep everything manageable. He can effortlessly import participants from his LinkedIn events and continue to dominate with his 2-step strategy.

Thanks to this game-changing system, Ron has reclaimed more than 15 hours per week and banished the chronic headaches caused by the inefficiencies of his old methods. It's safe to say that FlowChat has revolutionized Ron's agency.

The Results

Company Revenue Before FlowChat:
$96,000 / Year

Projected Company Revenue After FlowChat:
$495,000 / Year

Method of Acquisition: Create a Post > Import Post & Engagers into FlowChat > DMs > Call > Sale.

This method never changed, it’s now been optimized. The results are a significant boost in revenue for Ron (and his clients who invest in his White Label solution) AND waaay more time off for Ron to pursue his true passions and what he built his business for in the beginning.

375% increase in personal revenue.
100% boost in client results who use his white labeled system.
Created more than $25,000 / month of monthly recurring revenue for himself.
Eliminated all the frustration.

Eliminated unnecessary hours of work so he can enjoy the “good life”.

The Future

So what’s next for Ron?
Hyper growth for his own business.

A stronger brand offering for his clients (because of the white labeled FlowChat solution) …and more exotic vacations!

Ron is an esteemed member of FlowChat and part of our 6-figure club. We are continuing to work together to get him into our 7-figure club in the next 1-2 years.

So proud of Ron and looking forward to a long future as partners on his journey.


Perhaps you can connect with Ron’s story.
Perhaps you are in a similar space with your business.
Perhaps you are just doing research to see if FlowChat is really for you.

Whatever the case, know that we are here...
...and ready to support you.

As you can see, Ron is a mega success story.
We have dozens more.

And while you've read through this case study I have to ask...

What's next for you?

I would say you have 2 options:


You can do nothing.

However, you're not gonna forget about this case story, and it'll probably keep you up at night.

OPTION 2 FlowChat

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Connect With Ron:

Ron Medlin

We believe in Ron.
We believe in what he does.

“If you live for the weekends and vacations, your sh*t is broken.”

Ron’s fav quote.

If you’re wanting to learn more about his services, Here’s the best way to reach him…

GroupFuel Website


ron@gohighticketnow.com | Tel: (404) 317-3925

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