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Disclaimer: While these are real clients reporting real impact, their results are not typical. We cannot guarantee your own results will be similar in any way. We're proud of our clients' exceptional success, but we emphasize that business outcomes vary based on many factors. Our software, trainings and strategies do not ensure demand for your product or service, nor replace the effort and action necessary for growth.

Your own Browser Extension

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The Browser Extension imports leads directly from:

True Brand Power...

What's it worth to you when your brand icon appears EVERY TIME your clients open the internet to browse the web?

Better yet, EVERY TIME, they want to grow their business they have to click on your logo...

1 on 1 Premium Support

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1 on 1 Support

FlowChat has premium White Label support.

Work 1 on 1 with FlowChat's leadership team directly! You'll gain access to a private slack chat with our senior developers for any custom needs.

You'll get a 1 on 1 implementation call for a fast start! Plus, you and your team are welcome to any of our 4 weekly support calls to build automations and workflows.

Let automation do the work

Ready-to-use automated workflows for you and your clients

Want to see a Facebook Profile automation?

Now you can press play once a day to like, friend request, and message new qualified prospects.

Save over 10 hours per week

Manual Prospecting vs. FlowChat Prospecting

Manual Prospecting

15 x $10/hr = $150/week = $600/month

Overwhelming Activity

Inconsistent Actions

Unpredictable Revenue

FlowChat Prospecting

1.5 x $10/hr = $15/week = $60/month

No More Labor Costs

Simple Actions (Press Play Once A Day)

Reliable Revenue

Manual prospecting takes way too much time and feels like a waste of time. But smart entrepreneurs know this revenue generating activity cannot be skipped. By automating prospecting you save hundreds of dollars per month. Plus, you save over 10 hours per week while still increasing sales! This is a must!!

Tutorial Videos Published Weekly

New features are highlighted in non-branded videos!

Tutorial Videos

Your clients need support on how to use FlowChat?

Rather than have you drowning in How-to support requests, leverage our "Product Guide".

We are making 3 to 5 new tutorial videos per week to keep things fresh! Plus cover all new features as they are released!

All videos are non branded and do not mention FlowChat. So your clients can access them immediately!

All in One Platform

Replace All Social Media Organic Tools with FlowChat

Features on Platform

Other Tools



Facebook $97 /Monthly
Instagram $149 /Monthly
LinkedIn $79 /Monthly
(former Twitter) $99 /Monthly
TikTok $49 /Monthly
Lead Generation Tools $159 /Monthly
DM Managent Tools $79 /Monthly

Overall Price

$711 /Monthly

$247 /Monthly

Avoid the pain of using 6+ tools by getting all the features, for a fraction of the price!

Integrate Seamlessly with Your CRM


With FlowChat you can now boost revenue with 13 social media platforms. Your clients will go from not having automated social media direct message workflows, to having them!

Plus, they will be running everyday! Generating new opportunities non stop!

No more whiny clients complaining about not getting results! Now you can generate results AND track it!

Create your workflow with our custom webhooks

Use WebHooks to exchange data directly with your favorite platforms, with or without a middleman.

Salesforce Pipedrive Hubspot Copper Sales Navigator Salesloft High Level ManyChat

We help you increase sales from the tools you’re already using 200+ integrations and connect with over 3.000 apps with Zapier or

Sub-Accounts & Reporting

Access all your client accounts easily in one location!

Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos

Access client accounts to make updates or provide done for you services.
You can track their progress and custom KPIs real time!
It's never been easier to hold clients accountable and help them win!

3 Steps for Winning




Big Results

Here’s What You Get!

Your own Pro FlowChat account with:

Store up to 100,000 Leads in Main Account

Up to 50 Pipelines in Main Account

5 Team Members in Main Account

Your Own Custom Branded Chrome Extension

1 on 1 Implementation Call

2 Weekly Group Tech Support Sessions (Tue/Thu)

2 Weekly Group Strategy Sessions (Tue/Thu)

Main Account Has Access to Pipeline Copy Vault

Custom Pipeline with Templates & SOPs

1 on 1 Premium Support

Sub-Accounts with:

Store up to 15,000 Leads in each Sub-Account

Up to 10 Pipelines in Sub-Accounts

Access to Unbranded Tutorials

FlowChat Pipeline

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Included in the Monthly Plan is:

10 Free Sub-Account Licenses

$98.80/month for each additional license

Subscribe Monthly
$997 /month

Included in the Annual Plan is:

20 Free Sub-Account Licenses

$74.10/month for each additional license

Subscribe Annual
$750 /month *

* $8,997 billed annually

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